Average Water Heater Wattage

San Diego County: Water Heater Sizing Guidelines
1 The average temperature of tap water varies throughout the State depending upon the location, elevation, wattage of 4500 watts. On such a water heater only one element is operating at any one time. Many individuals do not observe the … Fetch Content

Appliance Operating Costs – Michigan School Business Offic
Multiply the wattage by the number of hours the appliance is used each month. This The average cost for Water heater, electric 2500 150 1000 0.08 30.00 Water softener 3 60 1000 0.08 0.01 … Retrieve Here

Average Estimated kWh Wattage Usage per Consumed Monthly Cost Month per Month Kitchen Coffee Maker Water Heater – Standard 2,475 As needed* 352 $17.28 Water Heater – Quick Recovery 4,474 As needed* 401 $19.69 Home Office Fax Machine 65 720 hours 46 $2.26 … Content Retrieval

Water Heater PRG_508 – ENERGY STAR
The average storage water heater lasts about 13 years, but once yours starts to leak, it’s already too late to compare prices and benefits. Odds are you’ll end up with whatever water heater your plumber happens to have in the truck. … Get Doc

5common Appliance Wattages – Solar Power Off Grid Systems …
Water Bed Heater 400 150 – 300 60 – 120 4.50 – 9.00 Water Heater Typical Family of 4 3800 98 – 138 375 – 525 28.13 – 39.38. Listed below are some common appliances, their wattage and an estimate of operating costs. Appliance Watts Hours/Mo kWh/Mo Avg. $/Mo Air Conditioner (Room) 6,000 … Get Doc

Electrical Device Power Consumption In Watts
Electrical Device Power Consumption in Watts The following is a list of standard electrical devices, along with their average wattage consumption. … View This Document

Actual Savings And Performance Of Natural Gas Tankless Water
Wattage for Electric Use on TWHs Wattage Standby consumption (controls), average 5 W average daily energy input for any water heater average hot water energy output, from from that heater’s regression in Figure ten sites can be found in Appendix VI. … Fetch Document

Estimated Energy Use And Costs For Common Appliances In Utah
Average Wattage Average Hours per Month Water Heater 4,474 460 5,520 $29.90 $358.00 Heat tape, 1 ft 5 360 4,320 $23.40 $280.80 Heat tape, 1 ft, self limiting 5 270 3,240 $17.55 $210.60 Refrigerator freezer, … Get Content Here

Energy Use Survey Rev – Lompoc
Wattage of heater _____ Total hours of use per week _____ Heat lamp: Number of heaters _____ Wattage of (on average) with: Hot Water? _____ Warm Water? _____ Cold Water? _____ Do you own a clothes dryer? _____ Yes _____ No … Fetch Doc

Appliance Energy Costs
Average hot water use 64.3 gallons/day Workshop 19 Workshop Medium to small energy users Typical wattage Electric Water HeaterElect i Water Heater Big energy users Typical wattage Average use kWh/ month Estimated monthly cost at the following rates (per kWh)* $.13 $.14 $.15 Standard … View Full Source

DANFOSS LX CONSTANT WATTAGE HEATING MAT SPECIFICATION FOR INDOOR FLOOR WARMING 1. GENERAL 2.6. Insulation: DuPont FEP insulation with an average thickness not less than 0.35mm. 2.7. Shield: Tin-coated drain wire combined with 0.050 mm aluminium foil … Read More

Determining The Right Size Generator
Water heater 3,000–4,500 Water pump 1,000–3,000 Equipment Wattage average wattage requirements. For portable electric tools and equipment, check the nameplate rating or use Chart 2 for average requirements. If watts and/or amps are not … Document Retrieval

Appliance Consumption Chart
Wattage Average hours used per month Average kwh per month Average cost per month Air Cleaner 50 500 25 1.75 Air Conditioner Central 5000 120 600 42.00 Room (5000 btu) 700 120 84 5.88 Water Heater 4500 83 374 26.18 w/WR-10 Jacket 4500 70 315 22.05 510 Conversion … Fetch Here

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