Water Heater Btu Calculator

Therma-Stor Heat Reclaim Water Heating System
HEAT RECOVERY WATER HEATER 30 Compressor Output (tons) Water Usage (gallons per hour) Temperatures given are based on cold water ( _____ BTU’s recovered ÷ 3,072 (effective BTU’s/therm when adjusted for 90% water heater efficiency) = _____ equivalent kWh saved/hr. x … Retrieve Doc

Sizing Guide For Domestic Volume Water Heaters
Output (BTU/hr) = 500 x GPM flow through boiler x temperature rise (F) through boiler. Selecting the appropriate water the water heater, the following combinations could be used: Existing 100 Unit Apartment Complex (with a 120 gallon storage tank) … Read Document

Solar Water Heating Calculations And Payback
To use the WSE Solar Pool calculator enter the following information in the boxes. Pool dimensions Typical hot water 50C 15,000 BTU/day per person Based on water heater efficiency of 70%, 1 gigajoule (.40 x 27 x 1/.70) … Read Full Source

Water Cost Calculator
water lb/gal lb Btu Btu Input Water Heater Efficiency Delta T Gallons of water Water Cost Sewer Cost Gallons per Minute Gas Cost per therm per CCF Daily Consumption … Retrieve Document

The water heater location, energy input in BTU’s or kilowatts, and tank capacity in gallons are to be indicated on plans. 1. Definitions a. Booster Heater: An instantaneous water heater designed and intended to raise the … Fetch This Document

water temperature of 80oF, with an average lowest air temperature of 60o (20o temperature difference), in an exposed area, with an This will be the heater BTU input required. EXAMPLE: a 40' x 75' indoor pool, 3,000 sq. ft. surface area – … Doc Retrieval

Energy Index Calculations
This software program, BTU/FT2, DD (British thermal units/square foot, degree day), is information about operating the TI-86 calculator. DOMESTIC HOT WATER USE CALCULATION. your TI-86 calculator. (Note: Some BTU/FT2/DD programs have been … Visit Document

Calculating BTU/HR Requirement – Ludell Mfg
Differences inefficiency between the direct contact water heater andtheboiler. Example, a99% efficient direct contact hot water heater requires afuel input of 10,096,969 BTU/HR toproduce a9,996,000 BTU/HR output. Where asa70% … Read More

TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE – Plumbing Education Station For …
Gas Water Heater BTU’s Exam. Name: Date: 1. What three factors must be known to find the BTU rating of a heater? a. _____ b. _____ c. _____ 2. What does BTU stand for … Retrieve Content

Steam/Hot Water Unit Heaters – Daikin McQuay
To determine the heating capacity (Btu/hr.) of a unit heater at a water temperature and/or entering air temperature other than standard conditions of 200°F heat capacity in Btu, water flow rate is in GPM and pressure drop in feet of water. … Access Doc

Energy Calculator: Default Values
Energy Calculator: Default Values Water Heater—Gas These default values are based on: • 100,000 Btu/hr heater with 81% thermal efficiency for above-ground pool • 750 annual operating hours (April 15 – October 15) … Fetch Content

Storage Tank Water Heater Sizing Calculator
Water Heater Input (BTU or kW) Needed: Recovery Rate Needed (GPH): Final Rinse Usage (GPH) Found in "Dishmachine Specs" sheet below or on Tankless Water Heater Sizing Calculator Total Gallons per Minute (GPM) Needed: BTU kW 60°F temperature rise: … Get Document

All BTU ratings are the input ratings. Appliances that receive combustion directly from the exterior (Direct Vent) should not be included. Furnace BTU’s _____ Hot Water Heater BTU’s_____ Gas Dryer BTU’s … Return Doc

… Get Doc
Recovery Rates Dishmachine Specs Tankless Heater Storage Tank Heater Recovery Rate (GPH) of Existing or Proposed Water Heater Enter the input (BTU or kW) of the existing or proposed water heater … Document Viewer

Water Heater Calculator Button25_Click Calculator Detail Water_Heater_Calculator WaterHeaterForm Unit Electric kWh Electric (Off-Peak) Propane Gallon Fuel Oil Natural Gas Therm Cost Units kWhs Gallons Therms BTU's What temperature is your water heater set at? What is the efficiency of your water … Get Document

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