Water Heater Burner Not Lighting

How To light Gas Water Heater
FOR YOUR SAFETY READ BEFORE LIGHTING WARNING: If you do not follow these instructions exactly, agency to replace a flooded water heater. Do not attempt to repair the unit! Do not force. 4. Remove the outer burner door located below the gas control. 5. … Get Document

The burner from lighting on initial start-up. The gas lines should be purged of air by a qualified service technician the electrical wiring to this water heater, do not proceed but have a qualified service technician perform the installation. … Document Retrieval

Suitable For Use In Manufactured (mobile) Homes!With …
The water heater.The burner can also be cleaned by scrubbing with mild detergent.! Proper burner and pilot burner pattern. Gas Cock Knob dial not See the “Lighting The Water Heater” section of this correctly positioned. manual. … Visit Document

With Installation Instructions For The Installer Water
The water heater. The burner can also be cleaned by scrubbing with mild detergent. CAUTION: For your safety, cleaning of the main burner should be performed only Gas Cock Knob not See the Lighting the water heater section of this . the pilot. … Retrieve Here

Owner’s Guide And Installation Instructions
Lighting the Water Heater Warning: The pilot or burner must not be lit until the water heater is filled with water. 1. Open all hot water taps in premises including shower(s). 2. Fully open cold water isolation valve on cold water line to water heater. … Read More

R Residential Indoor And Outdoor Gas Tankless Water Heater
The water heater’s main burner can ignite these Lighting the water heater: A water heater should not be operated if the rating plate is removed. p) This water heater if it is installed for use in: spa or pool heating; a mobile home; … Access Full Source

Pilot Light Will Not Stay Lit – Water Heater Timers Save Money
* Do not expose water heater to stored chemicals like bleach and pool chemicals. Check lighting instructions. Set control knob Trace amounts of chemical will damage gas water heater If burner parts are rusted, pilot might not light. … Read Full Source

Water Heating, Appliances, And Lighting
Water Heating, Appliances and Lighting Water heating, • Lower the temperature setting on the water heater to 120°F. o Saves energy o For gas water heaters, do not block the air inlet to the burner or the flue vent on the top … Content Retrieval

LIGHTING THE WATER HEATER: 1. Follow the Lighting Instructions on the front of the water heater to light the unit. Once lit, verify proper operation and reattach the outer door. main burner; try not to dump any debris off of the burner until … View This Document

Before lighting, smell all around the appliance area for At the completion of the water heater installation, the burner and venting system The manufacturer of this water heater will not be liable for any damage or injury … Retrieve Content

Owner S Guide And Installation Instructions
Refer to “Lighting the Water Heater” on page 34. Temperature pressure relief valve running The gas pilot or burner must not be lit until the water heater is filled with water. Open all of the hot water taps in the house (don‟t forget the shower). … Doc Retrieval

burner from lighting on initial start-up. The gas lines should be purged of air by a qualified service technician after instal-lation of the gas piping system. Gas Leak Testing The water heater is not continuously supplied with potable water; or h. … Document Retrieval

Lighting Instructions (Robertshaw) – 22 – http://waterheatertimer.org/How-to-troubleshoot-gas-waterheater.html. Gas Control/Thermostat This heater may be equipped with a Robertshaw WDER tem that automatically ignites the burner. Do not attempt to light this heater manually with a match or … Retrieve Full Source

Water Heaters – Panama City Beach RV Repair | RV Trax, Inc.
Have an air lock that will require an extended pilot lighting procedure. The pilot models use a gas control valve, burner and a thermocouple. The thermocouple, which senses the pilot flame, is a very small tube If your water heater still will not operate, … Fetch Doc

• This water heater is not to be used as a replacement for an existing boiler installation. Turn gas supply on and refer to the Lighting Instruc-tions. 9. With the burner lit, check the gas control valve/ thermostat supply line, two piece wire connector, … Read Here

Lighting and Shutdown Instructions This water heater is not design certified for installation in a mobile home. cool tank surface and drops of water will fall on the hot burner and combustion chamber surfaces producing a “sizzling” noise. … Read Document

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