Water Heater Efficiency Comparison Chart

Heating Fuel Comparision Calculator – U.S. Energy Information …
National Ground Water Association Heating Fuel Comparison Calculator Instructions and Guidance Residential Fuel/Energy Price Links While these emissions standards do not directly correspond to the efficiency Room Heater as follows: … Document Viewer

Gas Tankless Water Heater Comparison Chart
Weight Dimensions BTU Per hour Max Max GPM@ 45 deg rise Min. Flow to Activate (GPM) Efficiency EF (NG) Film Type Overheat Sensing Oxegon Depletion … Fetch Here

Global Absorption Chillers Industry
  NEW YORK, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Absorption Chillers Industry http://www.reportlinker.com/p0611052/Global-Absorption-Chillers-Industry.html#utm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=pr&utm_campaign=Major_Appliance … Read News

A. O. Smith Vertex Condensing Tank-type Water Heater
Output Comparison Chart Water Delivery Comparison. GTI Study Overview. GTI Study Overview Gas Technology Institute, Chicago Water Heater Efficiency Results. Simulated Use Results. Water Draw Comparison. Water Use Comparison. Market Response Target Market: … Access This Document

HARVEY WEST PLUMBING Model Number Capacity Warranty # OF 1st …
A.O. Smith Pro Max Plus High Efficiency GVR-50 50 6 year tank, parts/1 year labor 80 41 0.62 40,000 2" 22" 56 1/2" OTHER BRANDS GE Smart Water Heater (Home Depot) GG40T06 40 6 year tank, parts/1 year labor 67 36.4 0.59 36,000 1" 17.75" 61.75" 125 … Read Content

Water Heater Standards – Energy.gov | Department Of Energy
RESIDENTIAL WATER HEATER EFFICIENCY STANDARDS Submitted to the which would have a net life-cycle saving by owning a more energy-efficient water heater or b) a chart that depicts variation of the life-cycle cost for each design Figure 5.5.4 Comparison of Setpoint and Inlet Water Temperatures … Visit Document

Electric Water Heating
This comparison is based on fuel prices as of (June 2008). This chart can help you figure that out. Next, there’s energy efficiency. The more efficient the water heater, the water heater. * New federal efficiency standards went into … Fetch Content

Condensing Storage Water Heaters – Commercial And Residential …
A tank less water heater. Efficiency Claims Much of a tankless heater’s effi-ciency stems from the fact that it burner size — as in a 40-gallon 40,000-Btu heater (see chart, next page). The Btu rating is a measure of fuel in- … View Full Source

ASHRAE Modified Hunter Curve – Flow Charts
X = Hot water needed (gpm) Chart 12-2. Enlarged Section being compared with a standard efficiency water heater with the same Btu input. Comparison Heater 0 3 Flo-Eco Heaters 10 30 40 50 108 110 116 118 120 122 Time (t) (minutes) … Read Document

Typical Space & water heating Costs – Manitoba Hydro Electric …
The space heating chart includes conventional natural gas, fuel oil, and propane furnaces. (EF) is an overall efficiency rating of the water heater. The higher the EF, the more efficient the model. Electric water heaters are required to have … Return Document

Solar Water Heater – Global Energy Network Institute – GENI …
And a comparison between the electric water heater and the solar water heater. Regular needs of the hot water heater for better efficiency: The following chart shows us that developed countries are lagging behind the use of … View Full Source

Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Water Heaters – Citizens Energy Group
Use the chart below to select the first-hour rating that is most appropriate for your home. The energy efficiency of a water heater is stated in terms of its "energy factor" or EF. a standard measurement of energy. By comparison, electricity is estimated to cost $24.09 per million Btu. … Fetch Content

High Efficiency Water Heaters – Home : ENERGY STAR
Efficiency. The water heater’s efficiency is measured as an Energy Factor (EF), which is Comparison of Water Heaters High Efficiency Water Heater Type Energy Savings vs. Minimum Standards Best Climates Expected Energy Savings Over … Get Doc

GAS water heater chart – Dallas Plumbing Contractor (Harvey …
A.O. Smith Pro Max Plus High Efficiency GVR-50 50 6 year tank, parts/2 year labor 80 41 0.62 40,000 2" 22" 56 1/2" 172 OTHER BRANDS American Flame Guard BFG61-40T40-3NOV 40 6 year tank, gas-waterheatercomparisonchart-2.xls Author: FootbridgeMedia … Access Doc

Cost comparison Data Page – Chattanooga Gas – Home
Cost comparison data page. Water Heater cost methodology adopted from Gama Certified Efficiency Rating document on water heating equipment. Dryer and Cooktop comparison source: … Fetch Doc

Electric water heater comparison chart
A.O. Smith Pro Max Plus High Efficiency ECRT-52 50 6 year tank, parts/2 year labor 60 21 0.93 American Electric E62-40H-045DV 40 6 year tank, parts/1 year labor not listed 20.7 0.92 electric-waterheatercomparisonchart-2.htm Author: FootbridgeMedia … Fetch Document

The Beginning Of Endless Hot water Residential Tankless water
ESTIMATEd ANNUAL ENERGy COST COMpARISON* Rinnai maintains efficiency for the life of the water heater. * Based on 2.5 gpm shower head and 2.0 gpm faucet. * Based on 120° F set temperature; with mixed temperature of Tankless Water Heater Flow Chart … View Document

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