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The Energy Factor (EF) is the best measurement of a water heater’s overall energy efficiency. A higher EF means a more efficient water heater and energy cost savings for the homeowner. SeRIeS 102 100 SRMCA00107R May 2011 State Res Catalog.indd 11 5/27/11 4:48 PM. … Fetch Document

Webinar: ENERGY STAR Hot Water Systems For High Performance Homes
• Clear Definition of Stakeholder Needs: – Contractors – Utilities Energy Factor • EF is a numeric value typically less than 3.0, used to What Makes a Water Heater Energy Star? Energy Star Criteria … Fetch Doc

2.19 Fuel Switching: Heat Pump Water Heater To Gas Water Heater
water heater with Energy Factor of 2.0 or greater to a standard natural gas water heater with 2.19.3 Definition of Terms The parameters in the above equation are listed in Table 2-29. Table 2-29: Calculation Assumptions for Fuel Switching, … Read More

50 the total amount of energy delivered to the water heater. 51 C. Solar Energy Factor: Per stakeholder suggestion, the definition of a residential water heater was modified to include . 86 solar thermal energy as an acceptable fuel source. … Doc Viewer

How To Buy An Energy-Efficient Electric Water Heater
How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Electric Water Heater RE-4 PAGE 1S EPTEMBER 2004 Where to Find Energy-Efficient specify an Energy Factor (EF) that meets this efficiency recommendation. Water Heating Definition Lifetime Energy Cost is the sum of the discounted value of … Retrieve Doc

What’s The Big Deal About Tankless Water Heaters?
water heater. The Energy Factor testing protocol measures both the energy required to heat the water and the energy required to overcome standby losses. Since all water heaters must have a certified Energy Factor, the comparison of energy consumption can … Access Content

The Best In Comfort & Efficiency Indirect-Fired Water Heaters
With a typical Energy Factor (ef) of about 60%, these heaters waste almost as much fuel as they use to heat water. Even so-called “high efficiency” got an AMTROL water heater to keep everyone comfortable. Reliability … Access Full Source

Preliminary Modeling, Testing And Analysis Of A Gas Tankless …
WH ENERGY FACTORS AND SAVINGS Water Heater Energy factor1 Savings2 Gas storage tank 0.55-.63; for definition of terms). Energy factor 0.69-0.84; >0.95 3 0.81 Conversion efficiency 0.79-0.85; … Fetch Full Source

Geothermal Water Heater
To the standard electric water heater whose COP is, by definition, one. The benefits of creating a highly efficient electric water heater are: auxiliary water heater (with an Energy Factor at the Federal standard) would achieve a Solar Energy … Access Doc

.62+ Energy Factor Tank-Style Water Heaters
.62+ Energy Factor Tank-Style Water Heaters Brand Model Energy Factor or AFUE % A.O. Smith GDV 40 100 0.62 A.O. Smith GDV 40L100 0.62 A.O. Smith GDV 50 100 0.62 Reliance Water Heater Co **40YAVIT*100 0.65 Reliance Water Heater Co **40YBVIT*100 0.65 … Document Retrieval

Solar water heaters Facts Or factors – GK-12 – Engineering As …
Solar Water Heater Facts or Factors? Subject Area(s thermal conductivity, thermal energy, water heater, water heating Pre-requisite knowledge Students should be aware that light energy from the sun • Explain that a fair test is one that has only one factor changing at a time and all … View Full Source

water heater. only approved equipment is eligible for energy efficiency rebates. After purchasing 0.62 to 0.66 energy factor.. $50 0.67 to 0.79 energy factor.. $100 0.80 energy factor or greater.. $300 q Electric water Heater (storage tank 40 … Read Here

High-efficiency Water Heater Ready – California Energy Commission
Tankless water heater with energy factor (EF) rating higher than 0.82, the overall system is cost effective. If the measures are installed with a standard-efficiency water heater, the avoided future retrofit costs to accommodate a HE water heater required by … Fetch Content

Measure Guideline: Transitioning To A Tankless Water Heater
Important Definition: Cold water sandwich effect water heater is determined by its energy factor (EF), a value determined by standardized testing. The higher the EF rating, the more efficiently the unit uses energy. As with automobiles, the … Fetch Content

Domestic Water Heating And Water Heater Energy Consumption In …
Characteristics of the water heater, namely its energy factor (EF), Recovery Efficiency (RE), and the stand-by heat loss coefficient (UA). 43. 7.3.3 WHAM According to US DOE (2000a), the Water Heater Analysis Model (WHAM) is a simple … Retrieve Doc

Water Heater Type Energy Factor (EF) First Hour Rating (GPH), if applicable Maximum GPM Rating, if applicable program’s definition of a defect has been met, AHRI shall notify the Applicant to supply new part(s) and/or … Retrieve Full Source

Hourly Water Heating Calculations – California Energy Commission
However, the definition of the standard design is proposed to be different The independent variables are the energy factor (EF) of the water heater and the adjusted recovery load ARL, which is expressed in millions Btu/year. … Access Doc

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