Water Heater Pg50t09avh00

Dallas – SWAAM Addison, TX75001 Property Condition Report
Water Heater Model Number: PG50T09AVH00 Water Piping: COPPER Water Supply: COPPER 9.2 Plumbing CheckPoints Checkpoints Rating * Comments Bar Sink NA Bath Fixtures S Connections M Hot Tub/Spa NA Interior Vent S Kitchen Sink S Laundry Tub NA Main Shut off S … Access This Document

Home Performance TuneUP
PG50T09AVH00 . Desired . Actual . Flame Quality . 100% blue . PASS . Natural Vent Draft < -1.0 Pascals . Water heater . a. Install new flex-pipe with bend on hot and cold pipes. b. Insulate all exposed hot water pipes and first 2 feet of cold intake . … Fetch Document

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