Water Heater Will Not Stay Lit

B.) Symptom: Heater Does not Provide Adequate heat And Flame …
(This leaver does not stay up however) With water in the fuel you will also get a crackling, gurgling sound and pulsing flame that will Heater does not provide adequate heat and flame appears weak. Recommendations: On a cold heater … Read More

TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT Technical Service Bulletin 1-800 …
• Pilot flame will not stay lit Install the water heater in a room or area that is not affected by negative air pressure. Provide a plentiful supply of fresh combustion air and tightly seal the doorframe if the unit is located close to … Retrieve Document

HydroSense Gas Water Heater
If the pilot will not stay lit after several tries, to "OFF" and call your service technician or gas supplier. Flood damage to a water heater may not be readily visible or immediately detectable. However, over a period of time a fl ooded … Read Here

Water heater not located near an air moving device. If the pilot will not stay lit after several tries, turn the gas control knob clockwise to 'OFF' and call your service technician or gas supplier. SEE FIGURE 'A' … Fetch Document

In The Interest Of Economy, The Hot water Cylinder And Pipes …
Starley warm air heater. The water temperature is controlled automatically by an 4.1 Check that the pilot burner is lit. If not, and will not stay alight when relit until the water temperature falls. … Fetch Full Source

Vent-Free Gas Infrared Space Heater
Gas water heater* Gas water heater 30,000 Btu/Hr Gas furnace Vent Note: If pilot does not stay lit, refer to Troubleshooting, pages 18 through 20. Also contact a qualified service technician or gas supplier for repairs. … Fetch This Document

Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant Water Heater SERVICE MANUAL
will not stay lit, hold the red reset button (located on the combination thermostat/gas valve) down during this test. With an appropriate wrench, remove inlet nipple/dip tube from the water heater. Use caution not to damage pipe threads. … Get Doc

POWER MISER™ 9 GAS WATER HEATER – Sears | In-Store & Online …
This water heater must not be installed directly on carpeting. STAY LIT Flame arrestor openings blocked. Contact Sears Service to determine cause. Defective Gas Control. Replace Gas Control. Dirty pilot burner. Clean pilot assembly. … Read Here

Do not Over Tighten! L-10 Liter Outdoor Tankless Water Heater
House water heater. The indoor version of the 40-H, it is an ideal choice for a Should a unit fail to light or stay lit after 10 cycles, Call technical support at 866.356.1992 WATER IS FLOWING, BUT THERE IS NO HOT WATER COMING OUT 11 … View This Document

Chofu Gas Cleaning Instructions – Zen Bath Works | Beautiful …
The heater connected to a tub full of water (see # 4 below); however, it is easier with the heater disconnected from the tub. If the left side flame is still weak and the pilot flames do not stay lit, repeat the cleaning procedure. … Read More

DcwhSection8TroubleShooting – Ludell Mfg
Ludell Water heater Lockouts If there is less than 10 PSI of water pressure, the burner will not stay on. Once the 10 PSI is sensed the Fireye continues. POWERFLAME BURNER PANEL be lit) – Water wall pressure switch adjustment (Older units only) … Visit Document

December, 2003 SERVICE DIAGNOSIS Modine heating & Ventilating …
D. BURNER WILL NOT LIGHT OR STAY LIT. . . . . .4, 5 Gas-Fired Units Infra-Red Heaters Unit heater mounted 7. Relocate unit or install larger unit. exchangers will notsolve problem. Steam/Hot Water Units See Section Z. CC. Thermostat Problems 1. … Read More

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